Why I want to be a Captain

Folgendes entstammt einem Aufsatz eines britischen Schulbuben:


Why I want to be a Captain


I want to be a captain when I grow up because it`s a cool job that´s easy to do. Captains don´t have to go to school such a long time. They only need to learn figures so they can read instruments. I think they also have to be able to read maps so they don´t get lost when they sail.


Captains have to be brave so they don´t get scared when it´s so foggy that they can´t see, and when the propeller falls off they have to know what to do about it. Captains have to have eyes that can see through the clouds and they mustn´t be afraid of thunder and lightning which they have closer to them than what we have.


The captain´s wages is another thing I like. They earn more than they can spend. That´s because most people think it´s dangerous to drive a boat, except captains, because they know how easy it is.

There is not much I don´t like, except that girls like captains. All the girls want to marry a captain, so captains are always having to chase them away to get some peace.


I hope I don´t get seasick, because if I get seasick I can´t be a captain and I`ll have to start working.


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